As part of its strategy to offer full-fledged investment services, Amwal Invest has acquired a Jordanian brokerage firm in December 2009 currently known as Amwal Brokerage. Through its elite services, Amwal Brokerage serves the needs of its diversified client base ranging from local and foreign investors to individual and institutional clients.

Amwal brokerage aspires to be the top ranked brokerage house in the Jordanian Market that provides its clients with best brokerage services in terms of trade execution speed, diligence and care.

In order to fully address each client's unique requirements and investment goals, Amwal Brokerage provides superior brokerage services ranging from executing trades in an efficient and accurate manner to ensuring the day-to-day management of their accounts. Margin trading services are also offered to those clients with higher risk appetite, thus giving them the possibility to boost their profit in return of an agreed-upon interest

Amwal Invest has expanded its brokerage services beyond the local market and further into regional and international capital markets to serve its clients' varying investment goals and objectives. Relationships with many leading investment banks have been established in order to facilitate transactions and execute orders, and to provide clients with direct access to global markets. All the operational procedures linked to the trading activities will be handled by Amwal Invest.

e feel proud in serving our clients, just click on the link below and have the opportunity of being one of Amwal Invest clients:

Regional Brokerage
Ms. Raghda Abu Gharbieh
Direct #: +962 6 5000364
Tel. #: +962 6 5000360, Ext: 2020
Fax #: +962 6 5810030