Enabled by a team of highly qualified financial analysts and advisors, Amwal Invest's Corporate Finance Division provides its clients with customized financial solutions that meet each of their unique and individual requirements. By utilizing a well suited mixture of superior technical expertise and thorough knowledge of the local and regional markets, Amwal Invest is guaranteed to present its clients with high quality services and products that will make their businesses more successful and lucrative.

The wide array of Corporate Finance products and services provided by Amwal Invest encompass the following:

Fairness Opinions & Valuations
Amwal Invest offers clients an independent opinion on the fairness of a financial transaction, as well as conducting valuations on businesses and securities by applying various valuation methodologies to fit each case.

Public Offerings
Amwal Invest assists clients with entering into financial markets through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) or Secondary Public Offerings. Amwal Invest's scope of services includes all of the necessary procedures related to these services.

Amwal Invest has had comprehensive experience in advising its clients on the financial restructuring of their companies to reach the optimal capital structure.

Private Placements
Amwal Invest assists clients who are seeking to raise capital through financial or strategic investors by providing a wide range of financial advisory services. Through its extensive network of sophisticated investors, Amwal Invest is able to identify parties that will provide the best fit for its clients' requirements.

Bond and Other Debt Instruments
Amwal Invest assists clients with the formulation, structuring and pricing of bond offerings and other debt instruments; all whilst keeping each client's best interest in mind by encouraging competition among investors such as to ensure the most favorable borrowing terms for the client.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Amwal Invest employs its expertise in assisting clients to develop appropriate business and financial strategies, including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or the establishment of holding companies.

This service includes the proper valuation of the divested entity, and the development of selling strategies that would maximize the value and benefits for the selling shareholder, whether it be the government or a corporation, taking into consideration the objectives and sensitivities of each client.