As we take upon ourselves the responsibility of running this institution, we look forward to building on the legacy that has continuously ensured maintaining and growing shareholders wealth.

Amwal Invest, since its establishment, has marked its stance as a leader among financial institutions with its engagement in some of the biggest local IPOs, corporate advisory assignments, brokerage, asset management and research.

The management and staff at Amwal work in accordance with a long-term strategy that puts into place concrete pillars which guarantee the organizations sustainable growth and lifts it up in a way that satisfies its shareholders and investors.

The company has presented a refined level of client servicing that has put it ahead of its competitors and created a lasting relationship with its clients.

I believe in entrepreneurship, perseverance, stamina and making a difference that touches on corporate and industry levels but most of all sets president for social responsibility.

It is such an honor to represent your interest in this company and this industry.

Thank you.